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A treadmill is a popular fitness machine that lets you run, walk, jog, etc., from a stationary place. It has a conveyor belt that is moved by a flywheel or a motor. Users have to walk or run at the belt’s speed while the belt continuously moves towards the rear end. Busy professionals can easily set up a treadmill at home.

Heavy-duty treadmills are powered by a motor and are automatic. Simple and manual treadmills only move when a user walks on the belt and pushes it back. There are many top brands and stores where you can buy treadmill in Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which treadmill is the best for home use?

Before purchasing a treadmill in Ireland consider the size of the machine. Electric treadmills with a powerful motor are best for domestic use. On the other hand, foldable treadmills are compact and can be stored easily after folding.

Q. How to use a treadmill effectively?

To use a treadmill effectively, you should be in workout gear and know how to use and control the machine. Set the machine on an incline and work out in small intervals instead of a single long run.

Q. Where to buy a treadmill?

You can buy treadmill online from Gymwarehouse.ie. Make sure to purchase a high-quality machine from a trusted and genuine brand.

Q. How much does a treadmill cost?

You can buy a treadmill at an average price of €550.00, but it varies for different shapes and types. Manual treadmills are cheaper than electric treadmills. Commercial and heavy-duty treadmills are loaded with features and are very expensive.

Q. What to look for in a treadmill?

Size: While running on a treadmill in the house, you always want to have a room where you can quickly leave the treadmill permanently unfolded. Always look for a treadmill that can easily fold.
Top speed: Whether you run fast or not on a treadmill, you always want to ensure whether the treadmill reaches on Top speed and fulfills your needs to burn calories.
Cost: Always look for a treadmill judging its quality and features, not with the price tag. A treadmill is a long-term investment that makes you fit and healthy. It is necessary to buy a treadmill that has all the updated features.

Q. Which treadmill is best for me?

Ask yourself the following questions and that will tell you which features your require. As a rule of thumb, you get what you pay for. Paying more means a heavier, larger and therefore more stable and more comfortable machine to use. You will also get more features.

  • Who will be using the treadmill?
  • Are they in a sports team and would they need the treadmill to have the ability to reach high speeds?
  • Will you be running or just walking? Running requires a sturdier treadmill.
  • Are you happy with no incline, a manual incline or do you need an automatic one where you can make adjustments as you run?
  • How much space do you have for storage? Note that all of Inthemarket.ie’s treadmills fold up for storage purpose. The high end ones have a hydraulic, kick style system for lowering the treadmill for use.

Q. What is a Next Generation Treadmill?

These are the latest models of treadmills. All treadmills, no matter how much you spend on them will provide you with a number of basic features which are a monitor to show you how long and/or fast you have run/walked and a basic runway with a belt that moves around, allowing you to run/walk. A motor drives this belt.

Additional features to these would be safety magnets, handlebars for safety, pulse sensors, the ability to fold and speakers. All of our models feature these elements (except for the Power Track 500 which does not have speakers).

What differentiates the more expensive models would be features such as an Automated Incline, cup and/or tablet holders, wider and longer runways, the ability to take higher user weights, larger motors. Next Gen models additional features are listed under the next question.

Q. What extra features do the Next Generation Treadmills have?

The Next Generation models such as our C-66, C-44, T-55, T-44, T-33 and the EasyStore, have even more features than the basic and advanced features that can include:

  • Automated lubrication
  • Cushion Systems with Oil Pressure Shock Reducing Springs
  • Colour Touchscreen, built in Tablet to allow you to view videos and other media
  • High Quality, built-in speakers
  • USB Auxiliary
  • Larger Motors
  • Wider running area/runway
  • Enhanced design
  • ITM Sport branded
  • Can take a larger maximum user weight

*Information correct as of 19/07/22