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Maintenance of your Home Gymwarehouse.ie Treadmill

A home treadmill is a big investment, but this equipment can help you to maintain a regular fitness routine, which in turns makes you look and feel better. It is well documented how improving our physical movement can help improve your mindfulness and overallwell being.

So, to keep your investment in top shape, so you can keep yourself in top shape, we will take a look at how to best extend the life of your treadmill. Your treadmill will work efficiently for many years if you do routine maintenance on it and it does not take too much effort on your part.


The secret to getting the most use out of your treadmill and lowering the likelihood of breakdowns and other issues is regular maintenance. You may ensure that your exercise program continues uninterrupted and consistently by performing routine treadmill maintenance.


With each use, pay attention to how your treadmill feels. Usage should be stopped until any issue has been resolved if the machine is operating erratically or if you notice, feel, or hear rubbing or scraping.


We advise lubricating your treadmill belt at least once a year. Your treadmill may require more frequent lubrication depending on how frequently, how much, and what kind of lubricant is utilised and of course if you are training for marathons versus someone who pops on their treadmill whilst eating a slice of cake and watching Eastenders, just because there is no room on the couch to watch it because Auntie Sheila popped in for a visit unexpectedly. Some professionals advise doing it everythree months.

Many of the Gymwarehouse.ie Treadmills come with automatic lubrication. This will lubricate your treadmill every 30km. The machine will let you know automatically when the reservoir requires topping up. You will get a message on your screen when you log in.

The manual for your particular treadmill will include advise on how to lubricate the belt. A silicone- or paraffin-based lubricant is typically applied to the treadmill belt’s underside, paying particular attention to the region where your feet make the greatest contact. Don’t put it on the belt’s walking surface.

Before using the lubricant, the belt might need to be loosened; after using it, it should be retightened. Just do a quarter turn at a time and whatever you do on the left side, do the same on the right. Under no circumstances should you lubricate your treadmill with WD-40 or any other similar product. Only use the product that came with the treadmill or a silicone oil that you can purchase from Gymwarehouse.ie.

Please ask us about our Gymwarehouse.ie Maintenance Kit which gives you everything you need.

Weekly vacuuming

If feasible, vacuum the area around the machine and underneath at least once a week. The back of your treadmill will become clogged with dust and debris if you use it frequently. The majority of it comes from the soles of your shoes, with a tiny amount coming from the walking belt.

Motor Cleaning

Additionally, you should clean the machine’s interior at least once a year. Turn off and disconnect the device before removing the motor cover to vacuum within the motor compartment. Whenever you are near any of the delicate electrical parts, exercise extreme caution and avoid touching them with your vacuum nozzle. If you happen to have an air compressor, this is even better. Many vacuums can now have the machine blow instead of suck so use this feature if possible.

Belt Alignment

Additionally, you should check to see that the belt is straight and centred. It doesn’t have to be completely straight, but it also shouldn’t be rubbing or scraping the sides. Your treadmill will operate more effectively if the belt is kept in the centre.

A misaligned belt is probably to blame if you find that your treadmill is slowing down without you changing the speed or if you experience sliding. A belt that is crooked can also easily become frayed and torn, degrading far more quickly than it should.

If the belt is old and rough, replace it to extend the treadmill’s life. Gymwarehouse.ie can send you a new belt with a video on how to change it, or for a small fee, we can collect and repair it for you. Call us on 0212067774 for a price for your Treadmill repair.

Nuts and Bolts

Check the frame nuts and bolts about once a month to make sure they are tightened and the uprights holding the console to the frame remain stable. With constant use, they can vibrate loose. Your machine comes with a walking belt adjustment wrench. If this has been mislaid, contact us or if you can purchase one as the size needed will be listed in your owner’s manual.

CleanAfter Every Use

After each use, clean your device. This step is especially crucial if you frequently perspire. As moisture builds up in and on the machine, it can promote rusting of metal parts and harbour bacterial and fungal growth. While a wet cloth can typically get the job done, you may want to purchase a home treadmill cleaning kit from Gymwarehouse.ie, online or 021-2067774.

Set up a Mat

The purpose of placing a mat under your machine is to safeguard the area around your treadmill rather than the treadmill itself. If your treadmill setup is in a second-story room, a treadmill mat will prevent damage to your flooring and assist in reducing noise. A mat can make it simpler to vacuum the area surrounding your machine and prevent pet hair and extra dust from settling on your machine.

Try to keep pet hair as far away from the machine as you can. The quantity of pet hair, carpet fibers, dirt, and dust that enter the motor compartment can be significantly reduced by using treadmill mats. Your motor and motor control board can suffer damage from foreign objects, necessitating expensive repairs.

Protect Electrical Components

Always be on the lookout for any electrical issues. When using your treadmill, stop using it right away and unplug it from the wall before looking into what’s producing the burning smell (dust under the motor, an object lodged under the belt, etc.). A burning smell should never be disregarded.

In order to keep your treadmill safe during power surges and outages, you can also protect its electronic components by hooking it into a surge protector. All of the ITM Sport brand of treadmills that we sell have a built in surge protector. Regularly inspect the machine’s power cords as well, looking for any damage or indications that they require replacement.

When to ContactGymwarehouse.ie’sTechnical Team

The user’s guide for your treadmill includes troubleshooting instructions for typical treadmill problems. You can undertake treadmill maintenance yourself if you are mechanically and electrically comfortable. If not, call us for a price on what needs to be resolved. In most instances, sending pictures and a video will help us to diagnose the issue.

A qualified repair expert will be able to identify issues that might not be immediately obvious, just as with any other specialised piece of equipment. Repairs, diagnostics, and replacement components for treadmills can be expensive, therefore it’s always preferable to try to fix a problem as soon as it arises.

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Benefits of Spin Bikes

Benefits of Spin Bikes

Using Spin Bikes has become hugely popular. Particularly, since COVID, when people were at home and couldn’t get to gyms or leave their houses easily.

People realised that for a small investment, they could get their own exercise bike and workout from home. Either motivating themselves at their own pace or by using the many online classes that are available today.

Even YouTube has pages and pages of Spin Classes, Bike Exercise Classes, HIIT Classes on a bike etc This makes it easy for people to join in what feels like a spin class vibe without the expense of subscribing to the many platforms.

Below are some of the many benefits of using exercise/Spin/Static bikes. Have a read of the below and browse through our Gym Warehouse exercise bikes below.


The main advantage of spin bikes is that they provide users with aerobic workouts of different intensities, whether they are more concerned with things like weight reduction or just want to better their overall health.

• This suggests that a 45-minute workout can result in a 500-calorie calorie loss.
• Depending on your preference, you can adjust the tension on the bike.
• If you exercise correctly, you will notice noticeable results after a few weeks.
• With an indoor bike, you can exercise in any condition while safely enjoying television, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, music, and more.

All of our spin bikes have an LED display panel so you can monitor your exercise progress.

• The monitor typically shows information such as speed, RPM, calories burned, heart rate, mileage, and much more.
• It is simpler to read your stats because the majority of these screens on spin bikes are backlit.
• One element that sets spin bikes apart from regular bikes is the absence of a monitor on a conventional bicycle.
• Users may easily keep track of the steps they need to take to attain their goals thanks to this feature.

Spinning is a low-impact activity, so even though it is highly intense, you should not be concerned about being hurt.

• Because you are using your knees and hips but not exerting a lot of weight on them, it is relatively easy on the joints.
• This makes it perfect for senior citizens whose joints are stiffer and more susceptible to harm or injury.
• Although your muscles will react and you will experience DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), it is doubtful that it will result in permanent damage.
• Additionally, since the spin bike is securely fixed in place and you are not outside, you need not be concerned about falling off or colliding.

Cycling is associated with a significantly lower risk of unfavourable health consequences, even if nothing can totally remove the possibility of cancer striking.

• Additionally, it has a big impact on the fight against cancer.
• Spinning is one of the few workouts that has been shown to lower the risk of cancer.
• Cycling promotes cellular activity and increases the likelihood that the body will fight off illnesses.

5. Improved cardiac fitness
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the Ireland and accounts for more than 30% of annual fatalities worldwide, making it a global concern.

• Surprisingly, incorporating spin bikes into your routine can lower your risk of developing heart disease.
• You can lower your risk of cardiovascular problems by increasing the size of your heart and lungs.
• According to a study, spin bikes can boost cardiovascular fitness by up to 7% since they cause the heart to beat rapidly.
Numerous leg muscles are used during cycling, which increases heart rate and improves fitness and endurance.

A huge amount of Irish people are on medication for blood pressure
• Spin bikes are one of the most effective drug-free treatments available whether you wish to stop using drugs or lower your blood pressure.
• Cardiovascular training reduces your risk of developing hypertension and lowers your resting blood pressure, according to studies.
• If done regularly, 30 minutes of moderately vigorous spinning on a bike can lower blood pressure.

You are most likely low in endurance if you consistently feel exhausted while carrying out simple daily duties.

• Building physical endurance is a major objective for many exercise enthusiasts, and fortunately, spin bikes are excellent for achieving this goal.
• You may boost your strength and cardio performance for daily activities as well as in the gym studio by developing your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.
• For individuals who don’t want to engage in strenuous and taxing exercises like aerobics, climbing, running, and other activities, spin bikes are perfect.

Cycling is associated with a significantly lower risk of negative health consequences, despite the fact that nothing can totally eradicate the possibility of cancer.

• It has a big impact on the battle against cancer as well.
• The exercise of spinning is one of the few that has been shown to lower the risk of cancer.
• Cycling encourages the body’s cells to become active and is more likely to aid the body in illness defence.

Exercise has been shown to reduce stress levels, and spinning is more efficient at doing so.

• This is because spinning is a demanding form of exercise, and you may sit while doing it.
• Exercise is ideal for stress management because it helps the mind divert its attention from the anxiety-inducing situation.
• Funny enough, for people who exercise, stress comes from establishing and maintaining an exercise schedule.
• There isn’t much of that while using spin bikes.
• Simply hop on the workout bike and start pedalling.
• You don’t need to consider anything else.
• You can simply unwind and concentrate on breathing and pedalling.

You’re more likely to live longer and suffer from fewer ailments if your immune system is healthy.

• The thymus gland is a significant contributor to immune system strength, which is largely influenced by lifestyle and diet.
• T-cells are released by this gland, and they hunt down and kill bacteria-infected cells.
• The thymus diminishes with age, and fewer T-cells are consequently discharged into the body.
• This explains why older people are more susceptible to illness.
• But according to study, a senior who cycles frequently will create just as many T-cells as a person who is 20 years old.
• While spinning or cycling, you are preventing the thymus from shrinking by exercising it.

Since riding outdoors can take several hours, many people don’t have this much free time during the workweek.

• Therefore, riding an indoor exercise bike is a great choice when you just don’t have as much time to workout due to a busy schedule.
• However, you shouldn’t panic because doing out for less time doesn’t necessarily imply you won’t experience the same advantages as working out for longer.
• For instance, a 130-pound person can burn up to 700 calories and have similar physical benefits (improved muscular and cardiovascular fitness) as a spin bike by riding outdoors for one and a half hours at a speed of around 15 mph.

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Gymwarehouse.ie’s Guide on why to Use a Spin Bike at Home.

We know that exercise is good for us. There is a lot of talk about Wellness around at the moment and part of that is to work on your body with exercise. Not just for the benefits of losing weight but also those benefits that you don’t see such as the meditational type benefits and the physiological ones such as reduced blood pressure and controlling blood sugar levels for diabetics.

  1. Cycling safely at home

Having access to suitable and safe cycling terrain is another significant disadvantage of outdoor cycling. Cycling can be particularly dangerous for city dwellers because you have to share the road with large trucks. Also, you may have noticed that Ireland has pot holes on pretty much every road in the country but more than likely you would

Additionally, cycling in polluted places has a hidden cost because breathing exhaust fumes damages your lungs and defeats the purpose of most cyclists’ efforts to improve their health. The fact that the only risk you face from using a spin bike at home is dehydration is another huge plus!


  1. You get stronger by spinning

Spinning doesn’t strictly count as strength training, but it does assist your lower body tone and gain muscle.

Spin bikes, as was already said, have a variety of speeds that can be utilised to increase strength – more quickly than you might expect! Your lower-body muscles will expand and adapt surprisingly quickly to handle higher gears.

Reaching a higher level than you could previously manage or putting in more time at your top gear may be tremendously motivating, even if you’re not into documenting your workout statistics in detail.

  1. Easy on Joints

During a decent home spin workout, your body will likely experience the most impact where your bum touches the seat. Spin classes at home have almost no negative effects on your joints compared to more strenuous kinds of exercise.

  1. Even while you’re at home, spinning can help you meet new people.

When it comes to choosing an activity, most people tend to ignore the social component, which is why spinning is our favourite. Every spin class has a unique vibe. There are some that are about strength and performance, some that are about crushing a good workout, and even some that are simply for fun.

Riders form a small community that is united by passion and the release of endorphins naturally, and instructors are upbeat, inspiring individuals who will help you reach your goals for that session.

Although you can purchase a home bike and use exercises that are already recorded, we’d advise you to join a virtual spin studio and participate in live courses.

  1. You’ll consume a lot of calories.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that spinning is a really efficient way to burn calories. Anyone who has witnessed a spin class can attest to how hot, sweaty, and out of breath the participants become. When it comes to calorie burning, spinning is on par with the best types of exercise.

  1. It benefits your heart

Spinning is a great aerobic exercise since it burns a lot of calories and gets your heart rate up. Although many of us focus on the immediate effects of exercise (namely, weight loss), routinely pushing your heart through high-intensity workouts has some very significant long-term benefits. If you want to acquire some incredibly exact information about your heart rate, wear a heart rate monitor.

  1. You decide how intense a workout will be.

One of the best things about spinning at home is that you’re entirely in control of the intensity of your workout.

As was previously noted, the majority of riders follow a teacher who calls out a gear range and a goal cadence for the class to follow, whether the instructor is there or not. The controls on your bike, however, are entirely up to you.

Because spinning is ideal for both novice and experienced riders, you can choose your class type depending on your preferred instructor’s teaching approach rather than on your physical fitness.

  1. Become more balanced

A recent study found that upright cycling, such as spinning or the standard “outside” form, helps enhance stability and balance, particularly as we age:

There is some evidence that cycling is connected to improved balance and leg strength, which are significant falling risk factors. In healthy middle-aged and older adults, indoor stationary cycling has been shown to improve leg strength, muscle endurance, balance, and functional ability…

See our full range of Spin Bikes HERE

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Gymwarehouse.ie’s Guide to Working Out at Home from a garage or Shed in the Winter

Who works out from their home? Specifically in the garage, the shed at the bottom of the garden or even the box room that doesn’t have any radiator turned on in it? It can be unpleasant in the Winter for a myriad of reasons and your muscles are going to take a lot longer to warm up, not to mention the effects of extreme cold and/or damp on the moving arts and electronics of your equipment.

If you do, you will be well aware of what takes place as the seasons change and the cold weather begins to set in.

Your entire workout setting changes. Garage gyms often lack insulation and heat, which means that when the cold weather arrives, it will take you longer to warm up, your equipment will feel chilly to the touch, and you will need to use alternative methods to complete your workout.

How therefore can we successfully get ready for the upcoming winter, both inside our garages and outside? We ask people who reside in colder climates for their finest “tips and tricks” for winterising our garages.


If you reside in a chilly climate, purchasing a garage heater is a need. My heater just needs to be on for 10 minutes for my garage to get warm enough for me to work out. I turn it off after 10 minutes, and the atmosphere is now conducive to enjoying a workout.



Consider having your garage insulated if you decide you’re extremely devoted to working out there. Between the studs and rafters, my husband did his best to insert insulation before covering everything with thick plastic. He’ll put a tarp over the whole door in the winter to close up any holes.

I prefer to work out in the afternoon, so when I get home from work, I turn on my heater, set my dumbbells next to it, and wait for 20 to 30 minutes before I begin.

To be clear once more, there are specific precautions that you need to properly consider and investigate depending on the type of heater you want to use for your garage gym. Please employ an electrician to install the heater professionally, especially if you decide to go with a commercial heater.


I use my sandbag more frequently throughout the winter because it doesn’t get as chilly as equipment like dumbbells or barbells.



Consider covering the concrete floor with rubber mats. Before I had rubber mats, I discovered that the cold would actually bounce off of the concrete floor and prolong the cold air’s duration.

You can think about installing an outdoor tap cover to protect the batteries if your rowing or bike needs them to operate. Nothing is worse than getting on the bike only to discover you don’t have any fresh batteries and must estimate calories or distance.


When my motivation is unusually low and it’s especially chilly and dark outside, I do more than nothing indoors. I always keep a kettlebell in my living room so I can perform SHIFT exercises or simply alter the regular programming. Instead of box jumps, I’ll jump over laundry baskets, and instead of running and jumping rope, I’ll do hop overs, toe taps, or mountain climbers.

When it’s freezing outside and snowing like crazy, it’s really simple to get off the path. Create a reliable program for yourself, schedule your workouts in advance, and read them the night before. You may prepare psychologically for the following day by doing this.

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Starting Out Home Workouts – A Guide

A home gym could help you meet your 2022 health and fitness goals if you don’t want to pay for a gym membership or simply prefer the concept of exercising in your living room. Working out at home is more popular than ever for obvious reasons, so you’ll be relieved to learn that you don’t need a lot of money to get started — there are ways to workout and keep healthy even in the tiniest of places. Continue reading for more information on how to stay active at home, whether you’re new to working out or a gym regular searching for a home-friendly alternative.


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Exercise strategies to keep you motivated during Winter

In the cold, even the most determined workout devotee may struggle.

When the weather outside is dreadful, it can be difficult to get out of bed, let alone get the body moving. However, there are simple ways to stay motivated when the weather is frightful.

The idea is to remove as many barriers as possible and make tiny changes that will help you stay active till spring arrives. Exercise can also help with seasonal depression at this time of year.

Here are some ways to stay motivated to stay active during the winter:


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